3 things to consider when planning your engagement photo session

 So you’re thinking about having an engagement photo session, here are three things to consider:


Where shall we have our session?

  • Somewhere that’s special to you both. Perhaps where you had your first date or where he proposed. Or maybe somewhere that you like to go together.
  • It might be that you want to be photographed doing something that you both love. Rowing is a big part of Rhys’ life so it was an obvious choice for their session.
  • It might be that you just fancy the woods, a field, the beach or a more urban setting.


What should we wear?

  • The most important thing is that you should be comfortable & look like yourselves! Wearing clothes that you like will make you feel more confident and this shows in a photo.
  • Layers are great because you can add & subtract items for a different look. Always bring a coat or jumper to keep warm in-between shots.
  • Textures are a winner: think fluffy jumper or velvet jacket.
  • Accessories can really help make a picture; whether it’s some jewellery or funky shoes.
  • Solid colours work well, as does some pattern. However it is best to avoid bold motifs, because this will distract from your faces. Co-ordinating colours work really well, although avoid wearing the same thing.
  • Finally dress like you’re both going to the same place – whether it be the beach or out for dinner…


What should we expect?

  • A fun relaxed time together. We should be about an hour.
  • Some direction from me.
  • Just be yourselves.
  • Some great photos. They will be available two weeks after the session on a password protected online gallery. You will also receive your very own mobile app for use on your smartphones and tablets.


If you would like to book an engagement photo session please get in touch here or if you’d prefer a chat feel free to give me a call on 07905 973255


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Engaged couple look at each as they walk under the hangar in Farnborough
couple embrace in front of a moving fairground carousel
a smiling young man and woman stand in a field of golden grass with trees in the background, he holds a young red working cocker spaniel
Man embraces woman in a white blanket as the stand in the snowy woods
woman looks into her fiancé's face as he stand behind on the bride in the forest
man leads his fiancée, through a garden, she looks back
man and woman laugh as they hold their ice creams in front of the mr whippy van, the smiling ice cream seller holds up his index finger
engagement photo session with young couple canoeing on the River Thames in Walton-on-Thames
young couple sit together in the pink heather
black and white of man hugging a smiling woman as they sit in long grass
smiling couple side together side on, she leans her head back against him, behind them is long grass and a lake
young couple walk hand in hand in the very long golden grass
Godalming pre wedding photography
young man gives his fiancée a piggyback in the woods during their engagement photoshoot
young couple sit together in the long grass during golden hour
young man and woman hug during their pre wedding photoshoot in Shere, Surrey
woman in yellow dress hugs her fiancé as he sits on a stone wall in a beautiful garden
young couple walk their dog on a path through a rapeseed field
woman holds her arms round her partner's neck as they stand together on the other side of the long grass
bride and groom sit in an autumnal wood and laugh together
a silhouetted couple jump in the air against a dark blue sky
a smiling couple sit together in long golden grass
couple stand facing each other and embrace as pedestrians walk past on westminster bridge
a man looks up into the face of the smiling lady who hugs him
young man gives his fiancee a piggy back in the long grass, both of them are smiling
woman wearing yellow summer dress sits with her fiancé on a red bench on a summers day in London


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