6 tips for flawless skin on your wedding day – Surrey wedding photographer

Every bride wants to look her absolute radiant best on her wedding day.

And we all know the usuals of getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water and eating our fruit and veg. But I wanted to help you with some expert advice, so I asked Colette Johnson and Leanne Myers of CJBeauty and Co for their top tips for glowing skin.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Make sure that you moisturise your skin day and night; everything not just your face. An oil based moisturiser is great especially in the colder months.

Chapped lips

A little bit of coconut oil mixed with granulated sugar can be rubbed on to lips with your finger to exfoliate every day, just rinse off with water. The added bonus is that the coconut oil will act as a moisturiser for the lips. If you need a lip salve then Colette highly recommends All Talk Travel lip balm by Temple Spa.

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliating is one of the most important steps for glowing skin. Once a week is enough to remove dead skin and keep your pores clear, leaving your skin looking brighter. Use a good gentle exfoliator that won’t damage your skin’s surface.


The foundation to flawless skin is cleansed skin. You want your face to be super clean and Bobbi Brown’s Soothing cleansing Oil does just the job and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. If you’re not sure because it’s an oil – you could always try a sample first from the beauty counter of your local department store.


Also consider having a series of facials in the run up to the wedding. If this is something that you’ve never done before why not treat yourself – you could go with a friend and enjoy the pampering experience. Advice is that these should be six, three and one month before the big day.


DO NOT POP! I know it’s really tempting, but the ladies assure me that they can conceal a spot but it’s hard to hide a lump…

And finally start your skincare regime as soon as possible and don’t do anything drastic – you are going to look beautiful!


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