6 tips to looking amazing in your Spring engagement photos

Are you having an engagement shoot?


It’s not just the weather, the time and the light that are important factors for making really beautiful images that are going to delight you. What you wear is a major contributor too. Most people will ask what they should wear; so here are my top tips to help you.


Wear clothes that make you feel like you

This is such an important thing. If you pitch up wearing killer heels and a fabulous dress but always wear jeans and boots, you’re just not going to enjoy your photo session. And even more this will show on the photos. What will work is to wear a more glamorous version of your normal wardrobe. Normally wear a dress and heels? Then push the boat out…

The most important thing is that you should be comfortable & look like yourselves! Wearing clothes that you like will make you feel more confident.


Coordinate but don’t match

Aim for a cohesive look that works together, what you should try to avoid is being samey samey (is that even a word?!) For example this lay flat works because it’s a palette of three main colours – red, camel and white. Picking three colours works really well, as does having some pattern to break up the solids. But don’t go mad on me…


Layers are king

Layers are great because you can add & subtract items for a different look. Putting a jacket on can totally transform the look and give variety to your pictures. Some of my brides will bring a change of shoes or boots as well. If you know the venue where we are going to photograph and there is somewhere to change outfits feel free to bring a spare set of clothes.

I would suggest that you always bring a coat or jumper to keep warm in-between shots even in the Summer, there’s nothing worse than being cold.


Don’t forget the accessories

Accessories can really help make a picture; whether it’s some jewellery, a hat or some funky shoes. Somehow accessories just lift a picture and make it more interesting and it gives the viewer a little glimpse of your personality. Don’t feel shy now – you know you’ll be glad you wore it!

The don’ts

I don’t want to be negative but there are a few things that you should avoid; namely large motifs, neon colours, all black, all white and those tiny stripes that make your eyes go funny. Just thought I’d point them out…

Dress like you’re going to the same place

Dress like you’re both going to the same place – whether it be the beach or out for dinner… It’s no use him turning up in shorts and flip flops while you’re wearing your new Choos and that little black number. You want to be a perfect pair, a match made in heaven, soul mates – you get my drift.

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