7 ways to look picture perfect in your wedding photos

Congratulations! You’re getting married. You’ve been busy planning, booking and organising every detail in readiness for the perfect day. But there’s a nagging thought in your head… you don’t just want the day to run smoothly and everyone to have a good time – you want to look awesome in your wedding photos too. 

The pre-wedding photo session:

One of the first things that I recommend is that you have a pre-wedding photo session. It is a great way to quell your camera nerves (and often it’s the Groom who is the nervous one), you get to know your photographer a bit better and you can practise a bit of posing as well. Here’s my engagement portfolio.

One: Posture

It may be basic to say that posture is a key element of good posing. But when you stand up tall, back straight, tummy sucked in and head upright, you instantly look great.

Two: Feet and legs

Great posing starts with the feet and legs, even when they’re hidden under your wedding dress. To accentuate the hourglass figure, Brides should put their weight on the back leg and bend the other knee in front, kicking out the hip. This creates curves and shape.

For the Groom, weight can again be on one leg, but to make him look assertive feet should be hip-width distance apart with toes pointing out.

Three: Shoulders

For Brides, whether you are standing, sitting or lying down, if your shoulders are at an angle to the camera you will always be more flattered.

Four: Arms

To create shape and show off your waist, Brides need to bend their arms and lift them off their torso – just far enough to see air. Often Brides will say that their arms are their least favourite body part. So if this is you, here are two more tips: have his arms on the outside when you’re together and side on to the camera and keep your arms low – the higher you raise your arm the bigger your biceps appear.

Five: Hands

Absolutely everyone asks what do I do with my hands. It’s easy for the Bride on her wedding day because she has her bouquet to hold. Although one note on this, and it applies to Bridesmaids too, keep the bouquet low. For the Groom, one hand in a trouser pocket or, my favourite, hands on your Bride!

Six: Chin

“I hate my double chin” – try these two tips: push your tongue to the roof of your mouth and if you lean slightly towards the camera with your forehead you will tighten up your jaw line.

Seven: Smile

Don’t get so hung up on posing and how you look that you forget to smile. Enjoy the Big Day, enjoy being with your new husband and celebrate with your friends. Ultimately it will be these things that you remember.

In summary:

Whether you plump for a pre-wedding shoot or not, it can be a good thing to practise in front of a full-length mirror. Try standing slouched and square to the mirror and then try my tips and see how much better you look – instant glamour!

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