Branding portfolio

smiling florist looks at her cat on the bench as she makes up a bouquet in he workshop
woman dressed in bright pink answers the door
woman stands with shopping basket over her arm as blurred pedestrians walk past in the busy street
cake maker adds the finishing touches to the decorations on the cake
the bridal shop employees sit on the sofas together
young business woman sits outside a cafe on her phone with notebook and pen
a smiling artist stands in her office sorting mounted pictures
smiling bookshop owner leans against her shop window with a pile of books in her arms
closeup of a florists hands as she cuts the stems on the bouquet that she is assembling in the garden
bridal shop owner inspects the lace on the wedding dress on the mannequin
a seamstress sews a stripy garment on her sewing machine
woman in stripy vest top, jeans and heels sits on a step typing on her laptop
a smiling woman leans against the arm of her sofa
art therapist laughs with her clients as they sit round the table with artwork in front of them
pub owner sits on bar stool with beer in hand and looks down at his black and tan spaniel
messy watercolours with paintbrushes in jars behind
woman sits next to her client and explains something on her tablet, behind are rows of books
business man sits enjoying a cup of tea
woman in a bright yellow jumper concentrates as she fiddles with her sewing machine
artist sits at her desk working surrounded by her colourful paintings
podcaster sits at her desk with pink laptop and notebook as well as her microphone
bridal shop owner looks at the lace detail on the wedding dress that she holds
the female trainer explains something on her phone to the seminar attendees
pale pink and white sugar craft flowers on top of a cake
Lady in a green and white striped t shirt smiles and pushes apart the clothes as she stands in the middle of rails of bright clothing
woman wearing a navy puffer coat leans through a stone archway
baker laughs as she holds her chocolate cake on a stand
seamstress sews a garment as she stands in her spacious workshop
seamstress sews a lace wedding dress as she sits on the chaise longue in the boutique
business woman on the phone in her home office
a child's hands play with clay as a woman's hands encircle them and also play with the clay
bridal shop employee looks at her tablet as she stands in front of the row of wedding dresses
The florist shows her client how to create a flower hoop during her surrey branding shoot
a relaxed smiling woman sits in front of the fire with a cup of tea on her knee
a close up of a branded apron that says The Little Eden Bakery and the baker holds a matching coloured mug in her hands
young woman in stripy top and bright blue blazer leans against a railing and looks off into the distance
close up of cake maker using a paint brush to apply the final touches to a wedding cake
woman wearing navy and a dark green spotted scarf sits in an office on the phone
young woman looks at a bakery stall outside

Mercedes brings a wealth of knowledge and captures moments beautifully, … she manages to nail the best shots every time!

Jane – Fuchsia Blooms florist