Current trends for choosing your Wedding flowers

I’m starting a blog series on inspiration for the wedding day. For each I’m interviewing an expert in their field. And to start it’s the turn of Katherine West, owner of Wild Orchids in Farnborough.

ME: What trends are you seeing in 2017/2018?

KW: It’s going back to nature, there is a lot of garden foliage and flowers are seasonal. So now in February we are seeing hellebores and in May it will be lily of the valley. Another popular plant at the moment is asparagus fern, there is a 1930s feel. There is a trend for artificial flowers, that could be for the keepsake value or because of allergies.

ME: What about colours?

KW: Corals, muted pinks, whites, creams and greens.

ME: Is there anything else that seems popular?

KW: Yes we are still seeing a demand for groupings of small vintage or coloured vases and hand thrown pottery with flowers. Lace and hessian are still big and butterflies in arrangements too.

ME: Tell me about bridal bouquets.

KW: There are still quite a lot of informal tied bouquets and the foliage textures of olive, rosemary and herbs are popular. But I’m probably seeing a few more teardrop/shower bouquets – they’re just starting to come back.

ME: What if the bride wants to wear flowers in her hair?

KW: Yes, we can make up combs and clips. But if she wants a crown she should consider artificial flowers because of the weight. Singapore orchids are good in hair because they are light, long-lasting and they lay flat, also gypsophila is good.

ME: What about buttonholes?

KW: They tend to be something a bit more special for the groom now. They’re quite bitty and woodlandy; so using heathers, grasses or lavender.

ME: And corsages?

KW: Yes wrist corsage are popular and a tip for corsage is to get your florist to use magnets so that your dress material is not damaged.

ME: If someone was on a budget what would you recommend?

KW: Fish bowls are a really effective centrepiece for the tables and are good for the price-conscious.

ME: When should the bride order her flowers?

KW: Start a year before the wedding. Look at the seasons, it’s better for cost and will give you top quality. Most people look on Pinterest to get ideas. It helps to be able to bring pictures to show so that I can find the common denominator and see what they like.

ME: Do you have any tips for brides on the day?

KW: Yes keep the flowers out of sunlight and as cool as possible. I always send my bouquets out with a tiny bit of water, so dry them off because you don’t want water to drip on your dress. And if you want to preserve your bouquet you need to plan it before. I recommend Precious Petals.

ME: And lastly Katherine, what is your favourite flower?

KW: Blowsy roses. The Ecuadorean roses from David Austin. He gets them from Alexandra farms in Ecuador and they have huge heads.

Many thanks to Katherine. If you want to contact her ring 07748647194 or 01252 373197 or 


wedding flower arrangement of different vases of flowers at The Village hotel in Farnborough wedding fair

Wedding flower arrangement in mirrored box vase with silk butterflies At the Village Hotel wedding Fair

wedding table flower arrangement with candelabra at the Village Hotel wedding Fair

wedding table flower arrangement -fishbowl with stones, hydrangeas and silk butterflies at the Village Hotel wedding Fair

Martini glass wedding flowers at the Village Hotel wedding Fair

great masters style floral arrangement with roses and peonies


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