Walton-on-Thames pre-wedding photography

These guys are getting married next month and I’m really looking forward to the day. They have got so many exciting plans… Their engagement photoshoot on the River Thames only minutes from Walton-on-Thames showed their personalities and was very them.

The initial plan was that we would do the photo shoot at Bushy Park but we changed course when we found out that there is a hefty payment to be made if you want to photograph in the Royal park. And actually it was quite definitely the right choice. As their friends would attest there had to be water and some kind of rowing involved. Rhys is a very serious rower – think Henley Regatta type rower and you’re getting there. Megan says that she comes second to his love of rowing! Not only that he rowed her to a little island to propose in the Lake District (and he designed her engagement ring) – so romantic! We met at Megan’s parents’ house, which is only a stone’s throw from the river. The boat was carried by Rhys and his future father-in-law down the road – I should have taken photos! For their pre-wedding shoot I had really hoped that we would have a sunny summer evening with a gorgeous golden hour, but unfortunately the sun only came out very briefly. However it was dry and to be fair it really didn’t matter because Rhys & Megan were stunning even without the golden light.

So we photographed them having fun on the Thames and the towpath. If you’re thinking about having a pre-wedding shoot then consider something that you like doing together – it makes for great photos and can be unique and special to you.

Yes it’s definitely going to be a good day in August. One to look forward to.

Red headed woman looks up into her fiancé's eyes and they both smile at each other, during their engagement photo session Young engaged couple hug each other and look over their shoulders and smile, behind them is the River Thames and a long boat photo of an engaged couple, she looks towards the camera laughing and he looks at her. The view is through long golden grass young woman leans to kiss her fiance as he gives her a piggyback, during their engagement photo session on the River Thames towpath near Walton-on-Thames Young man gives his fiancee a piggyback as he walks along the River Thames towpath near Walton during their engagement photo shoot Young engaged couple look at each other laughing and she leans on his shoulder, as they stand by the River Thames in Walton Young engaged couple sit together on the stone steps beside the River Thames during their engagement photo session Young engaged couple canoe towards us on the River Thames young engaged couple turn and look as they walk down the towpath by the River Thames together Signing frame for guests to sign at a wedding , that shows the photo of the engaged couple with him giving his fiancee a piggyback


Mercedes Evans Photographer