Engaged couple look at each as they walk under the hangar in Farnborough
engagement photosession with young couple on the River Thames towpath in Weybridge
Bagshot pre wedding photography
Godalming engagement photography
engagement photo session with young couple canoeing on the River Thames in Walton-on-Thames
Bagshot pre wedding photos
Godalming pre wedding photography

Are you engaged and looking for a Surrey engagement photographer?

If you are engaged and are toying with the idea of having a pre wedding photoshoot why not have a look at a couple of my blogs that will give you some more information and advice for how to prepare for the session.

This is the blog for you, if you still need persuading why having a pre wedding photo session is a great thing to do.  This one will give you an idea about where to go, what to wear and what to expect. Although this blog has Spring in the title it’s still totally relevant no matter what time of year you are intending to have your engagement photo shoot, it’s more detailed on what to wear. And finally have a flick through this one because even if you don’t go for the engagement shoot you are still going to want to look amazeballs in your wedding photos and this has some top tips.