Fleet Pond engagement photography – David & Helen’s pre wedding photo shoot

Fleet Pond

Fleet Pond is a lovely place to wander around. When I think of the word pond I think small duck pond but Fleet Pond is more of a lake than a pond, in terms of size. Apparently a pond is manmade and a lake is natural according to officialdom – so there you go! Anyway it’s a fairly large body of water and there are woods and jetties too, all of which is great for me when it comes to photographing my lovely couples. David and Helen live fairly locally and suggested we meet there. We were lucky in that the weather was mostly dry but as you can see it was typically February grey (might suggest that as a Farrow & Ball colour.. off topic I know!), although the umbrella did come out near the end. Anyway we had a laugh together, which is half the reason for doing an engagement shoot – getting to know each other and for them, relaxing in front of the camera.

Really looking forward to your Autumn wedding at the Elvetham later this year


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