Fleet Pond Engagement Photography

a close up of a smiling couple, the man is giving the woman a piggy back

Fleet Pond is a lovely place to wander around. When I think of the word pond I think small duck pond but Fleet Pond is more of a lake than a pond, in terms of size. Apparently a pond is manmade and a lake is natural according to officialdom – so there you go! Anyway it’s a fairly large body of water and there are woods and jetties too, all of which is great for me when it comes to photographing my lovely couples.

I’ve photographed here on a grey winter’s day and a sunny autumnal late afternoon and both work well. Each time there were very few other people around, so you pretty much get the run of the place which is nice when you’re feeling a bit camera shy. Other great quiet spots for an engagement shoot include Swinley Forest, have a look here for a bit of inspiration.

a man stands behind his fiancée and embraces her in the background is fleet pond

One of the key reasons for doing an engagement shoot is for you to get to know your photographer and usually it helps you to relax in front of the camera.

a smiling couple stand facing each other, she has eyes closed and he's tracing his fingers across her cheek. Fleet pond is in the background and seagulls fly in the sky

Usually I start with you just walking hand in hand together and do a couple of variations on this. I also like to get you to play games together, anything from silly versions of the alphabet game to pretending to do a drunk walk. I think that every time my couples come away saying that it was enjoyable – or at least they say that to me!

a man and woman walk hand in hand as they smile and look at each other in a wooded area
a laughing couple pull each other by the hand in woodland

Here’s a link to another short blog that I wrote about looking good in your engagement photos.

a man and woman embrace as they stand in front of the autumnal leaves

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