I said yes to the dress with local bridal shop, the Farnham Boutique

I’m always looking for ways that I can help my brides in their wedding planning. It’s such an exciting yet daunting phase in life. There’s just an awful lot to get your head around; what do I need to do and when do I need to do it?? Wedding dress shopping is right up there in terms of importance. So I got in touch with the good folks at the Farnham Boutique and together we made a little video, which I’m hoping will help you. You can have a little nosey round the boutique and hear about how they work to help you find THE dress. If you would like to go and visit the Boutique, you will need to make an appointment which you can do by either ringing them on 01252 728084 or email them at info@thefarnhamboutique.com

Just a couple of extra tips:

  • I am reliably informed that you only need to visit about three different bridal shops; too many more and you just start to feel overwhelmed.
  • Take one or two close friends or family with you, people who will give a genuine but kind point of view. Again too many different voices and it’s confusing.
  • When you go, be as open minded as possible and try on lots of different styles, even if you are sure that you want a particular look. Apparently brides often come out with something that wasn’t their initial dream style.
  • Most wedding dresses have built in upholstery! so you won’t need to wear a bra. But try to remember not to wear black or bright underwear.

And finally I hope that you enjoy shopping for your wedding dress, it’s a special time x

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