Personal branding photo session with Fleet Florist Fuchsia Blooms

This whole lockdown has been hard on many small businesses but lots seem to be getting back into the swing of things. Having spoken to many business owners, I’m hearing that they have had time to reassess, to clarify their goals or even diversify their offering. All of which can require new branding photography. 👋

The lovely Jane of Fuchsia Blooms Florist has been in business for several years, selling beautiful fresh, scented British grown flowers from her plot in Hampshire. Jane mixes in herbs and fruit, as well as wild gathered plants to make really exciting and wonderfully scented bouquets. Her plants are all organic and she reuses and recycles everything that she can in the process.

And now Jane, who I have to say is genuinely one of the most creative people I know, has branched out into cakes as well. We had a relaxed morning with lots of chat and laughter, as she made up bouquets (one of which I got to take home 😊 ) and added finishing touches to some of her fabulous cakes. Just take a look at the intricate detail of her sugar craft – and who better to be able to make such amazing sugar flowers than a florist!

If you would like to get in touch with Jane or to see more of her work then you can catch up with her on Instagram


And Jane’s comment on our photo session: “Thanks so much Mercedes for capturing me!!! With a real and natural smile!!! No squinting, eyes open, no double chin!!!!! Just frolicking around in the back garden, talking exposure, white flowers, succession planting and zoom lenses!!! It’s always a treat when creatives get together!”

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