Business Branding photography with the Petal Girl in Colchester, Essex

How is it going? Is business booming?

Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you just some of the photos from a mini personal branding session that I did with the very lovely Rachel of The Petal Girl. Rachel is a fantastic florist based in Colchester. She uses home and locally grown flowers and foliage to create all sorts of floral wonders. And she was thrilled to be the winner of my survey competition.

For a personal branding photoshoot I like to do as much prep as possible before the day of the session. This involves a questionnaire covering everything from your business brand and vision to what you will wear and where we will shoot. My goal is to understand what you want and oftentimes my questions will prompt you to sit down and really focus on where you are going in your business and what you want to present. I believe that showing your personality in your photos is key – after all we want to do business with people not faceless corporations.

We started in Rachel’s house, I like to do this just as a scene setter and for us both to get used to each other, over a cup of coffee. I thought that the neutral background of the stairs worked really well with Rachel’s first outfit.


We were joined by a couple of visitors, firstly her uber-friendly cat, Bonny.

Then by her sister who kindly agreed to pose as a client for the photos.

For our final part of the session we put on jackets and went across the road to the local park. I love the shot of Rachel on the swing, as her sister said it was so her. And what better way to show Rachel, than in amongst the foliage of the park.

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