Farnborough Air Hangar Pre-wedding photography

A Pre-wedding or engagement photo session can be a good investment for several reasons: not least it’s a great opportunity for you to get used to being in front of the camera before your wedding day, to get rid of those nerves that so many people feel.  Often I’m told “I hate being photographed” and so often after an engagement shoot I’m told how much they actually enjoyed it! Another really good reason to have a shoot is that you and your photographer get to know each other better and that is what you want for the wedding day to go smoothly.

So it was that on this chilly October morning we met up at the reconstructed airship hangar in Farnborough for their engagement photoshoot. The hangar dates from 1911 and measures 250 foot long by 70 foot high; a truly impressive structure. It is a great place to photograph however it is on private property and you can’t just rock up and start shooting. But it was not a problem for us since the wedding was to take place at the Village Hotel, which is part of the Hub complex. As you can see from the photos, there are lots of different areas and it is possible to get a good variety of shots. Before the session we email a short pdf with advice for our couples on what they might like to wear. This glamorous bride came well prepared with a change of shoes and jackets, and she looked stunning in both outfits. I particularly like how the muted colour of the building complements her beautiful grey jacket. Very much looking forward to photographing the wedding later this month.

Engaged couple look at each as they walk under the hangar in Farnborough Engaged couple lean against a tree together during an engagement photoshoot at the airship hangar in Farnborough Engaged couple sitting on bench with lavender behind them, during engagement photoshoot in Farnborough Engaged couple look walk hand in hand under the hangar in Farnborough during an engagement photoshoot


Mercedes Evans Photographer