Wedding portfolio

the bride and groom stand hand in hand amongst the vines
the bride puts her hands on the groom's shoulders as they stand close together in the oat field during golden hour
Bride looks at her dress at Bury Court wedding
mother wipes away her son's tears during his wedding speech
Warbrook house fun confetti wedding photography
the bride and groom embrace under the lamp stand and festoon lights in the courtyard at Cantley House hotel
hairdresser sprays the bride's hair from behind
groom rearranges his cuff as he stands in front of the mirror before the wedding
blonde long haired bride stands looking over her shoulder in the corridor at the Fairmont Windosr Park
bride arrives at Horsell church for her Woking wedding
bride and groom stand close together under her veil after their Guildford Register Office wedding
bride and groom sit together on a low brick bridge
silhouette of bride and groom dancing with purple and orange sunset at a Pine Ridge Golf course wedding
bride and groom walk hand in hand through the long grass and purple flowers
newly married couple sit laughing together during the wedding service at Barnett Hill
The groom shakes the open bottle of champagne and the bride holds his arm as they stand in front of Farnham House hotel during blue hour, there is spray everywhere
father holds his baby daughter in the air as the mother watches and smiles
the bride walks down the modern stairs, seen from above
bride and groom embrace under an umbrella in the rain at night time and they are standing in the gateway at Warbrook house
bride and groom stand together in the avenue conifer trees at the Elvetham hotel, her veil floats behind her in the air
bride and groom kiss and dip during sparklers
bride and groom stand on the stairs looking up at the Aviator hotel in Farnborough
male and female wedding guests wearing face jewels dance in the evening
bride and groom silhouetted facing each other against a dark blue background with a golden string of fairy lights blurred in the foreground
bridesmaid watches as the smiling bride reads a letter from the groom at the village hotel in Farnborough
the bride and groom stand embracing each other at sunset at norman court barn
bride's lipliner is applied
Bride's Jimmy Choo stilettos with huge bows next to her Narciso perfume, engagment ring and bouquet
the groom points to his new wedding ring on his finger as he dances with friends, the bride is dancing in the background holding a young girl
newly married couple stand together in the outdoor corridor at pennyhill park hotel
wedding guests laugh hysterically during the speeches
bride and groom walk away hand in hand through the long grass at Hampton Court Palace Golf Club during golde hour
The bride and groom kiss by the mural at the Vineyard near Newbury in Berkshire
the bride and groom are silhouetted against a red lit wall and in the foreground are red, blue, purple and gold shapes
bride and groom cut the cake with love letters lit up behind them
Confetti fun as couple come out of church
Laughing groom during wedding speeches at Monk Coniston
bride and groom celebrate with a kiss as they drive away in a golf buggy the grounds of Hampton Court Palace Golf Club
bride and groom backlit outside St Michael's church in Camberley
the bride leans out of the wedding car as she arrives at the church with her father
the groom wearing a blue suit ad grey waistcoat straightens his tie
the groom kisses his bride's cheek in the foreground is the veil and in the background is the silhouette of the Elvetham hotel
The bride stands behind the groom and hugs him in the middle of a rapeseed field
woking wedding photographer
bride and groom stand together watching the fireworks
wedding guests dance wildly during the silent disco in a marquee during the evening reception
the groom holds the bride's hand as she twirls, holding her wedding dress with her other hand, by the field at Oakley Hall Hotel, as dusk falls
the bride turns to see after she's thrown her bouquet to the waiting ladies behind her
the bride walks down the aisle with her dad at Badgemore Park
the bride and groom enjoy their first dance together as friends and family watch
confetti cloud at St Andrew's church

Mercedes was amazing from start to finish. She captured so many special moments and made everyone feel at ease throughout the day. She has a fantastic eye for detail. I highly recommend Mercedes.

Simon & Nicolle

Engaged couple look at each as they walk under the hangar in Farnborough
couple embrace in front of a moving fairground carousel
a smiling young man and woman stand in a field of golden grass with trees in the background, he holds a young red working cocker spaniel
Man embraces woman in a white blanket as the stand in the snowy woods
woman looks into her fiancé's face as he stand behind on the bride in the forest
man leads his fiancée, through a garden, she looks back
man and woman laugh as they hold their ice creams in front of the mr whippy van, the smiling ice cream seller holds up his index finger
engagement photo session with young couple canoeing on the River Thames in Walton-on-Thames
young couple sit together in the pink heather
black and white of man hugging a smiling woman as they sit in long grass
smiling couple side together side on, she leans her head back against him, behind them is long grass and a lake
young couple walk hand in hand in the very long golden grass
Godalming pre wedding photography
young man gives his fiancée a piggyback in the woods during their engagement photoshoot
young couple sit together in the long grass during golden hour
young man and woman hug during their pre wedding photoshoot in Shere, Surrey
woman in yellow dress hugs her fiancé as he sits on a stone wall in a beautiful garden
young couple walk their dog on a path through a rapeseed field
woman holds her arms round her partner's neck as they stand together on the other side of the long grass
bride and groom sit in an autumnal wood and laugh together
a silhouetted couple jump in the air against a dark blue sky
a smiling couple sit together in long golden grass
couple stand facing each other and embrace as pedestrians walk past on westminster bridge
a man looks up into the face of the smiling lady who hugs him
young man gives his fiancee a piggy back in the long grass, both of them are smiling
woman wearing yellow summer dress sits with her fiancé on a red bench on a summers day in London
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