What to consider when planning your personal branding photoshoot

You’ve booked your personal branding session and now you’re excited. You’ve started planning what you are going to wear, you’re thinking about different venues that you could use and perhaps you’ve started a Pinterest board for different poses and photo ideas…

Hold your horses! We need to go back a step or two. The most crucial thing that you need to consider right now is how you are going to use your photos (and the answer isn’t just on my social media and/or website). After your session will be too late. Now is the time to really work this through and make a detailed plan.

Call To Action photos:

Your session truly is all about you, but you shouldn’t physically be in the centre of every photograph. And the reason for this is Call To Action (CTA) photos. These can be used on your social media or landing pages, the negative space is for the text that you are using. With the subject to one side of the photo, nothing is hidden by the text. You don’t have to interact with the empty space where your text will be, but it can make for a more powerful photo.





Header images:

For your website, linkedIn and FaceBook covers you need header images – those long slim images. These images need to be photographed in landscape. Cropping a portrait image for a header will result in pixelating the image. In fact as a general rule landscape images are better because they can be cropped portrait or square.

Portrait images:

Having said that 👆– there is a reason that vertical photos are called portraits! The audience really focuses on the subject of a  portrait photo and the images will add variety to a website, as well as looking good in a grid or as a set of images.

This pre-planning will save you both time and stress. If you know where you are going to use your new images on your website and have communicated what you need to your photographer, then as soon as your photos arrive you can add them to your website – job done!

And one final tip – ask your photographer to give you an SEO leg up by renaming your images with the relevant titles for each page 😉

If you would like to have a set of unique on brand images that you can use for your business, taken in a relaxed and fun environment then please get in touch for a chat at hello@mercedesevansphotography.co.uk 


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